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Loved the video, but I just noticed that Heavy says "So moist and delicious".

Am I just over my head in Portal or was this really a reference?

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We totally need to see a "Tales of Moose" series. It would be fantastic.

Anyhow, loved this. Hope you had the best grade for it.

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Awesome, but...

is it just me or you put in a sequence using the Weegee that banned Adobe from Nairobi?

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Pretty good concept.

The only thing I have to say against it is the problem other users have had - I must test it, but I think the problem comes from when you transition to the next room without finding all the pieces in the last room.

Although I also found the fix on how to be able to restart the game: right click, go to the storage options, set it to 0, apply. Restart the game and your savegame will be erased.

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I'm sorry.

While the story was pretty good, the game got repetitive really fast. As for your 8th level, I doubt anyone will ever find it. The game isn't addictive enough, and while the story drove me to get all 3 "endings" (finish each level at least once with every trinket), the 8th level is WAY too well hidden (or hard to access). Leave those kind of secrets for games that are games. For pieces of interactive art like this, the key is not to put something out of reach of the player in a hope someone will, eventually, find it, but to lay clues everywhere as to where it is, leaving it as a mystery to be solved.

Overall, it was way too difficult for the engagement of the story, especially with the mechanics you gave it (Too many times have I been caught by an almost hidden flock of birds or gust of wind and pulled into the smoke. The ravens, too, are completely useless, aside for usage as a metaphor for the regrets of the past.)

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This game is quite simply amazing. The whole experience is very smooth and relaxing, and finding new tactics to keep the most critters in the screen at once is quite fun (managed to make a 11-critter chain survive to the end with this technique I made up). Overall, it is quite an unique concept. Although I must admit it lacks slightly the substance to make a properly-called game. It's more of a minigame. It's still awesome nontheless, and for this my good sir I give you 5/5, 10/10.

Keep making stuff of this quality and I'm telling you, you'll go far.

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